Crypto Bandits


The Crypto Pets started off as innocent pets in the shelter, but as they grow they start getting hungry and greedy. This is our guide or roadmap to training our pets for owners to be happy.


Created Collection

Birth of the Crypto Pets! We will introduce to the masses through Social Media Platforms with Pictures of upcoming pets partnered with selected crypto coins.

Pre-Sale and Public Mint Site.


Launch a Minting site where collectors can obtain different or similar pets for their collections.

Website/Merchandise Store


Create a website to meet other crypto pet owners, buy merchandise and see the new upcoming breeds to be released in the future.

Crypto Pet Daycare Rewards Center


A place for Pet Holders to register their pets to stake/pool the pets favorite crypto. This will be where pets will be rewarded with $treats of crypto coins for their owners.

New Breeds


After 1,000 Crypto Pets find new homes, another 3,000 new pets will be released from the shelter to gather more coins.

OH, The Metaverse


As more pets get released, we will embark with other pet owners to find a new home in the Metaverse. Where you can hang out with Cool Cats, BAYC, and Imaginary Friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions that have been asked of us already. You can leave a comment for us if you don’t see your answer here.

Our crypto pets have been put on a minting page, the website is at

Public Mint will be at 20 $MATIC or equal to .02 $ETH. You will be able to swap $ETH for $MATIC in Metamask.

Yes, after a 1,000 pets have left the shelter, another 3,000 will be released with all new crypto coin symbols.