Crypto Bandits

About Us

A collection of different types of Crypto Bandit Pets in search of their favorite crypto. The project believes in creativity and utility, by using the pets to gain rewards, stake our rewards coins, and develop a fun and meaningful community of friends.


Our Discord community is where we go to meet other CryptoBandit Pet owners. Here you can play games, enter contests, meet others with similar interests, and learn about different types of cryptos and what they do.

We have weekly and monthly events where our members and new friends can come have a good time and win some prizes. Also, you can get links to our collection sites and website.

CryptoBandits Pets: TURF WARS

Crypto Bandits Turf War Limited Edition, Is a small collection of 500 Crypto Pet NFTs that split from the group and are claiming their own territory in the community. These turf bandits look out for their own, so be careful and don’t cross their turf!

Owners of Turf War pets will be competing against each other for rewards, prizes, and more. There are 4 teams that consist of Leaders, Thief’s, and common pets. Leaders (super rare) will bring in 25% more of winnings, Thiefs (rare) Will bring in 5% more if team wins or will be awarded same winnings as common pet if other team wins. Common pets receive percentage of prize.

All Turf Battles will be fought and awarded in our Discord Community Server. 

Where Can We Reach You???

We are introducing ourselves on most Social Media Websites with links listed down below. Come join us on your favorite site to stay connected with us and be informed on our progress and upcoming events, giveaways, etc..

Expert Team

Inspired and developed from our three team members. With more to come we will be looking for more members from our community to help us along the way


Creator, Artist


Web Design, Tech


Social Media