Crypto Bandits

Crypto Bandit

A collection of different Crypto Pets in search of there favorite crypto. The idea behind the Crypto Pets is to bring animals and crypto together and create a unique characters known as the CryptoBandit Pets. Currently, there are 55 different breeds.

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Welcome to the CryptoBandit Pets!


The Crypto Breeds

Their are currently 55 different crypto breeds ranging from BTC to ZIL

Animals and Creatures

Over 20 different pets that will be randomly joined together with a crypto symbol to create a crypto pet.

Future Plans

Each Crypto Pet will be earning snacks in the form of treat token rewards for their owners

Coming Soon...

A unique collection of CryptoBandit Pets gone crazy from the ups and downs of the crypto market. Each pet has special attributes which make them different and gives you access to a Discord Server Membership where you can meet other members and have access to Special Events such as: Concerts, Crypto Prizes, Staking Reward Tokens, Merchandise, etc..


$Treat Tokens (TRS)

Treat Rewards for owning a Crypto Bandit Pet.

When you get a Crypto Bandit Pet, you will receive back 50% of the cost of your pet in $Treat Tokens. You will be able to use these tokens for staking and for merchandise on the Crypto Pet Website Community. You will be able to add these tokens to your Metamask Wallet under custom tokens.

(84)$Treats = 1 MATIC

Our Roadmap from Adoption

The Crypto Pets started off as innocent pets in the shelter, but as they grow they start getting hungry and greedy. This is our guide to training our pets and happy owners.


Created Collection

Birth of the Crypto Pets and introduction to the masses through Social Media

Pre-Sale and Public Mint site.


Launch a Minting site, where people can collect different or similar pets for their collection.

Website/Merchandise Store


Create a website to meet other crypto pet owners, buy merchandise and see the new upcoming breeds to be released in the future.

Crypto Pet Daycare Rewards Center


A place for Pet Holders to register their pets to stake/pool the pets favorite crypto, and reward owners with snack of crypto coins.

New Breeds


After 1,000 Crypto Pets find new homes, another 3,000 new pets will be release from the shelter to gather more coins.



As more pets get released, we will embark with other pet owners to find a new homes in the Metaverse. Where we can hang out with Cool Cats, BAYC, and Imaginary Friends.

Expert Team

Inspired and developed from our three team members. With more to come we will be looking for more members from our community to help us along the way

Creator, Artist

Web Design, Tech

Social Media

Moderator, Development

Moderator, Team Development


What Other Places Can We Find You??

Several Social Media Sites and Avenues we will be working on.

We will be introducing ourselves into several social media platforms so whichever one you use frequently you can stay in touch and hear of any upcoming events, giveaways, etc..

Frequently Asked Question

Some Questions that have been asked of us already. You can leave a comment for us if you don’t see your answer here.

Our CryptoBandit Pets can be minted from the links above. You will be directed to either to a Polygon or ETH blockchain site. Whichever is your preferance. 

Currently you can get a Crypto Bandit Pet for .004 ETH or 8 MATIC.

Yes, we have Monthly rewards given out in Crypto for our pet NFT owners. We also have a staking platform and games and events for our owners in our Discord Community.

Yes, we have released a new version known as the TURF WARS pets. This is a limited version which will put NFT pet owners in competition against each other for prizes.